We encrypt their data. We sustain their identity

Zetes PASS, the people ID branch of the Zetes Group, specialises in developing and implementing complete solutions for collecting personal identity information, producing ID documents, storing and reproducing identification data.

Biometric/Biographic registration

Through the use of mobile kits or fixed registration booths, all the biographic and biometric data of citizen and/or civil servants can be registered according to the “live enrolment” principle. Zetes’ offering includes all hardware, software, and services (consultancy, project management, development, deployment, training and support).

Data centralisation & control

In order to populate national databases and ensure data security and uniqueness, personal data collected locally needs to be centralised. Zetes develops robust people ID solution architecture frameworks that help achieve this goal reliably and securely.

Secure document production

The design, production and personalisation of secure ID documents requires strong knowledge of the industry, IT resources, cryptographic knowledge, and integration experience. Zetes offers you broad expertise and a complete set of solutions and services to enable you to produce and service high-quality, secure ID documents under strict deadlines.

Enabling authentification at border control, elections ...

The information gathered is verified against the existing database. The implementation of biometry and ABIS allow the detection of fraudulent individuals attempting to present themselves under a false identity

Voting solutions

The ideal voting solution must combine security, accuracy, flexibility, auditing ability, and ease of set up/use. You can rely on all of these and more, when choosing the Secur-eVote solution developed by Zetes.