With our 20 years’ experience in identification & authentication, working as a key partner to national authorities around the globe, we provide solid and sustainable implementations. Moreover, we can guarantee you a solution that is fully compliant with the requirements set out by international organisations and institutions for travel-related public health evidence, such as ICAO (Visible Digital Seals or VDS-NC), the WHO (Smart Vaccination Certificate) and the EU (EU Digital Covid Certificate or DCC).


Discover how Zetes supports the Belgian Digital COVID Certificate with digital trust services.



Trust Services


Trust Services


Trust is the basis on which health certificates are built. Using our trust services, you will have the certainty that the data displayed in a digital COVID certificate is authentic and be able to act accordingly. And thanks to our managed services you can rely on an economic solution with a predictable Total Cost of Ownership.


Our trust framework is similar to the one applied to travel documents (eIDs and ePassports). It is built on a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) where we electronically sign the data of your digital health certificate. This key is then shared with your national stakeholders and/or public authorities around the world. When controlling one of your COVID certificates, the key will allow them to decrypt the information and have the certainty that they are being presented with an official certificate, issued by a trusted party. We ensure the correct publication of your keys via open standards (NPKD like solution based on ICAO) or more propriety solutions (EU-Gateway).


As a Qualified Trust Services Provider, in line with the requirements of the European eIDAS regulation, we are able to provide your with:

  • the set-up of your Trust Framework, in line with regulations, best practices and security requirements;
  • the connection to a global or local public key directory (EU-gateway or ICAO);
  • the set-up and management of a document signing solution to sign the COVID certificate that will be issued on belahf of your country;
  • validation services to ensure and maintain public trust;
  • Managed PKI services, allowing you to optimise your TCO.


Digital & physical data carriers

The visible part of the health pass to your population is the way it will be displayed and the carrier they will need to use to prove their health status. Inclusivity being a crucial element, we provide support via multiple channels.


MoviSana Digital Health Pass



Designed as an easy-to-use mobile ID application, our MoviSana Digital Health Pass offers you the best possible support to allow your citizens to travel or to regulate access to social and recreational activities. It provides you or your controlling bodies with the most complete and correct assessment of the health situation of the pass holder. Vaccines, PCR tests, antibodies,… can all be registered and rendered in a safe and simple way for verification purposes.


MoviSana creates a strong link with an official identity source and is highly adaptable to any format that might be required for travelling, including the European Digital COVID Certificate.



The physical alternative







While identity is becoming more and more mobile, physical identities still have their part to play. Therefore, it is important to foresee a print out version of the Digital Health Pass. Together with our partner Zebra, we can complete our solution with adapted card printers and label printers, allowing to issue a physical counterpart of the health pass, before citizens walk out of the vaccination center. Whatever the type of support you want to choose, whether PVC or polycarbonate smartcard, our ZetesCards manufacturing site can take care of the supplies.


QR code generation


QR Code


To allow an easy check and validation of covid certificates, our solution includes a machine readable code. The latter contains the digital crytographic evidence (signature) that guarantees that the covid certificate is authentic, correct and not falsified.

The code allows, on the one hand, to automate and accelerate the control procedure and, on the other hand to put in place a contactless procedure, which is paramount when dealing with a global pandemic.



Credentials verification


Credentials Verification


Verification is, of course, also a crucial element of the solution. We can equip controlling agents with robust mobile devices running a verification app, which instantly captures the QR code - be it on our MoviSana Digital Health Pass or its physical counterpart - and easily reads the QR code’s signature to check its authenticity and integrity.


Zetes provides:

  • development services for the validation app
  • mobile devices and staging services
  • in collaboration with our global partner Zebra
  • security services
  • managed services for mobile device management
  • hosting services.



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