Republic of Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde enjoys a good visibility outside and is considered an example by the other African countries and even beyond, more specifically by the other African Portuguese speaking countries. Zetes is responsible for the delivery of a turn-key solution and the project & program management, playing a role the company knows very well: to be the prime contractor and the top integrator offering good-end warranty towards the authorities. NOSI (Núcleo Operacional da Sociedade de Informação), a governmental department linked directly to the Prime Minister’s Office and in charge of the rollout of the overall e-government policy, has been the prime interface in Cabo Verde and responsible for this implementation, working as a local partner too.

The solution

The solution is based on the PRS (Population Registration Solution) enrolment software from Zetes, operating in a versatile, mobile enrolment kit environment, and on the AFIS management solution developed by Zetes around the AFIS engine from Motorola in this case.