Brussels, Belgium 16 May 2024 – Zetes, a leading Citizen Identity solutions provider, announces a new partnership with Estonia's Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) to issue the electronic certificates for the Estonian electronic ID. Starting at the end of 2025, Zetes will produce and manage the certificates to be stored on the chip of every Estonian eID card, thus enabling Estonia to further enhance its digital identity scheme.

Zetes will be the Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) for the new generation Estonian eID card, following rules set out in the new eIDAS v2 EU regulation. The certificates are used for authentication, encryption, and digital signature. These certificates will be used for national ID cards for citizens, Estonia’s famous e-residence card, EU residence permits, and diplomatic identity cards.

"We are proud to partner with the Police and Border Guard Board of Estonia, recognising their professionalism and technical expertise throughout the tender process. This newborn long-term collaboration marks a significant milestone as we become the privileged partner of Estonia, a nation renowned for its digital innovation. With the objective to establish a local presence as the Qualified Trust Service Provider for the Police and Border Guard Board, we are proud to be given the opportunity to contribute to Estonia's digital strategy." Bart Symons, Director of ZetesConfidens Trust Services at Zetes

“Since 2017, Zetes became a QTSP in its own right, as a private company delivering Trust Services to the private sector. Since 2020, Zetes built and operates the Federal Kingdom of Belgium’s own QTSP. Today, we are thrilled to put our expertise at the service of the Estonian Government.

This ten-year contract, comprising five years of issuing new certificates and five years of maintenance, highlights Zetes' capabilities in managing large-scale digital transitions. It also serves as a testament to the trust Estonia places in our company to secure its digital future through rigorous technical processes. " Ronny Depoortere, President People ID Division at Zetes.




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