Brussels, November 8th 2021 - Following the publication of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) of the ISO/IEC 18013-5 standard for mobile driver’s license (mDL) and mobile IDs (mID), Zetes announces the availability in its portfolio of a fully compliant solution.

The publication of the new ISO standard follows six years of close collaboration at global level with a wide variety of stakeholders such as issuers, technology providers, regional authorities, and businesses that accept identity documents to approve transactions. As one of the technology providers, Zetes’ mother company Panasonic was involved at an early stage and therefore contributed a great deal to the final approval of the standard. With the acquisition, Zetes was able to participate with its own know-how and took part to the interoperability tests with a solution responding to every requirement defined by the standard. Zetes therefore now goes to the market with a mobile ID solution that can be used and recognised anywhere around the world.


Increased privacy & protection against forgery

While interoperability was a major focus point during the elaboration of the standard, to make sure a mDL or mID issued by the authorities of one country could also be read in any other country, many other criteria needed to be considered. Increased privacy for mDL and mID holders, protection against forgery using crypography or the ability to work without a connection are a few of the specifications that get described in the standard.


Geert Peeters, Head of Business Development and Innovation of ZetesConfidens declares: “As a global provider of highly secured ID documents for about two decades, it is quite natural that our offering should evolve to propose dematerialised, yet perfectly safe authentication means. Since 2018 and the creation of our ZetesConfidens business unit, which is dedicated to secure electronic authentication solutions, we have developed an offering which is compliant with several other very stringent international norms, such as the EU eIDAS regulation or the EU COVID Certificate. The publication of the ISO/IEC 18013-5 standard is a crucial step towards wider adoption of mobile identification solutions. We are very proud to have contributed to the development of this ISO norm and are looking forward to seeing new opportunities unfold.”


Through its hardware division, Panasonic offers a wide range of devices that can be used for the verification of mDLs or mIDs that are ISO compliant. Already used by the police services of several countries around the world, they perfectly complete Zetes’ offering around mobile identity. Panasonic and Zetes will continue to collaborate and make synergies in mobile identity.


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About Zetes

Zetes is a technology company specialising in supply chain optimisation and citizen identification solutions. Our Supply Chain Solutions help companies achieve agility, visibility and traceability across their connected supply chain. Our People Identification division provides public authorities and supranational institutions with solutions to enable authentication of citizens in view of the issuing of secure ID and travel documents and the creation of national registers or voters’ lists.

Zetes is headquartered in Brussels and has more than 1,300 employees in 22 countries across EMEA. In 2017, Zetes became a subsidiary of the Panasonic Corporation. For more information visit or subscribe to our newsletter. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


About Zetes’ government solutions

The People ID division of Zetes provides secure solutions to accurately identify people, either in their quality of citizen or as customer, both in the physical and the digital worlds. Its portfolio of solutions covers all the aspects of the identification and authentication processes, from registration to identity check. The company has about 20 years' experience in the implementation of sensitive projects for governments and supranational organisations, such as the emission of electronic national identity cards, passports, driving licenses, health cards and visa, as well as voter registration programmes and border control solutions. Our teams have a strong knowledge and know-how in the fields of biometrics, cryptography and data security.


About ZetesConfidens

The ZetesConfidens division of Zetes People ID is a QTSP as defined by the European Union’s eIDAS regulation. It focuses on the full life cycle of the digital identity, providing multi-platform and multi-modal solutions for securing e-transactions, electronic signing and digital authentication. With this particular product offering, Zetes also addresses private sectors, such as banking & insurance, as well as professional associations. But as digital identity is gaining steam around the world, governments remain a focus market also for ZetesConfidens.




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