The implementation of a plan to issue biometric ID cards often turns out to be very complex and requires the use of experts in the field in order to bring the project to a successful conclusion. By appointing a single partner in charge of the whole operational side, authorities wishing to deploy the ECOWAS card can delegate this onerous task. For this reason, ZETES offers a Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT) model, taking responsibility for absolutely every aspect of management. Tailored to reflect the needs of each customer, this may involve:

  • assembly and supply of fixed and mobile enrolment stations
  • management of the logistics and deployment in the field
  • training of enrolment operators
  • choice of location to set up the personalisation site
  • securing the site
  • selecting qualified personnel
  • purchase and installation of machines
  • the day-to-day management of enrolment, centralisation, deduplication, and personalisation operations once the project has been launched.

In this way, the authorities can delegate all the technical aspects whilst using a regular reporting system to maintain high visibility of the operations and supervision capability.


At the heart of the population register

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