Brussels – 13 June 2014 - Zetes (Euronext Brussels: ZTS) announces the signing of a new contract with the Government of the Republic of Togo. For the fourth consecutive time since 2007, Zetes has pledged to supply Togo with a comprehensive solution, from the biometric enrolment of the population to the publication of electoral rolls. The contract has been concluded in readiness for the 2015 presidential election.

The Togolese government has already turned to Zetes three times in the past for the implementation of its turnkey solution. This allows the registration, centralisation in a single database, verification of the biometric data by AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System), litigation management and publication of electoral rolls. Under this new contract, Zetes will once again deploy its solution, the challenge this time being to update the existing 2013 database containing more than 3 million records.

“New generation” mobile biometric enrolment kits

The Republic of Togo still has the Zetes mobile enrolment kits delivered in the course of previous projects. This time, not only will Zetes be tasked with renewing some of the equipment, but will also be rolling out new generation kits.

Updating and checking of data

As 3 million Togolese citizens are already entered into the electoral roll, the next step is to update them to register newly eligible voters, deaths and people who have moved or who have lost their previous voter registration card. Each kit deployed in the field will contain this existing database. To determine if the person is already registered, demographic data (surname, first name) followed by biometric data (fingerprints) will be checked. This second verification is performed by an AFIS system directly on the kits. 

Security and expertise

Once the checks have been completed, the citizen will receive a voter card. It is printed on secure paper also supplied by Zetes to prevent fraud and identity theft. With the Zetes AFIS tools, a third control shall be performed at the central site (in Lomé). Any disputes arising therefrom will be refereed by the CENI (Independent National Electoral Commission). Final electoral rolls to be used on election day will be generated once all these steps have been completed. In addition, experts from Zetes will be present throughout the enrolment and centralisation process to train and coach operators and supervisors. 

"It is an honour for us to be entrusted yet again by the authorities of the Republic of Togo for the enrolment of its citizens”, says Alain Wirtz, CEO of Zetes Group. “This fourth contract is an excellent pledge of loyalty and attests to the quality of the comprehensive solution proposed by Zetes for projects of this magnitude."

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