Who are we?

Well, most of the time, we are giving an answer to the question

“Who are you?”

Our identity is identity itself.

We design, develop, and implement the systems that allow to produce and personalise ID documents such as national electronic identity cards, driving licenses, and passports. And because people also increasingly need to be able to prove who they are in the virtual world in the most secure possible way, we have created ZetesConfidens. This division focuses on electronic signature and mobile ID.

Keen on some adventure?

Our number one reference is Belgium, for whom we produce the three aforementioned documents. But we also have a longstanding relationship with Africa, where we work on all of the above but also projects such as voters’ enrolment, and border control.

Not techy enough for your taste?

If you are passioned about bits & bytes, security, cryptography, biometry, conformity, innovation, creative thinking… so are we. Ours is an environment in constant evolution. Working for Zetes is looking into the future: e-signature, mobile identity, facial recognition are not just concepts for us but concrete projects we are working on.


Our managers

Ronny Depoortere Eline Meesseman Bart Simons

Ronny Depoortere


Eline Meesseman

Head of Legal & Compliance

Bart Symons

Director ZetesConfidens




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So what more do we offer you?

What we are doing is one thing. But what keeps you motivated to come to work enthusiastically every day goes beyond that.


7 reasons to work with us          

1. Working on exciting projects:

Our main customers are public authorities. Working on governmental contracts allows you to have a peek behind the scene of key & large scale projects, which have an impact on a large population. Our ZetesConfidens division also addresses the needs of companies within the bank, insurance, financial services, and rental sectors.

2. International projects:

Many of our references are on the European and African continents… but the whole world is our playground. You never know for which country you’re going to work next. We had an important breakthrough in Asia, and are also looking towards the other side of the Atlantic. And if it appears there are Martians out there, we’ll be having a look into their identification needs too.

3. Multinational company:

We are a company with Belgian roots. But we’re also part of the Panasonic group, benefitting from their well-established structure, and organisation, as well as, from a business point of view, their innovation capacity. There is a true synergy between both companies.

4. Relaxed atmosphere:

We’re not going to lie. Most of the time, you work in a high demanding environment with tight deadlines. But you are surrounded by a team of equally hard working colleagues, who also like to take things from the good side. We like to celebrate our achievements together and have regular team building activities.

5. Flexibility:

Coming in at 9 and leaving at 5, 5 days a week. In the “new normal”, it’s not always possible anymore when trying to combine professional and private life. According to your role and experience, some home office or flexible schedules can be arranged.

6. Attractive salary package with fringe benefits:

Group insurance, meal vouchers, eco vouchers… but also additional benefits to be discussed depending on your needs (several mobility options, training budget) & function within the company.

7. Mobility:

In Belgium, Zetes People ID has two offices. Depending on the division you’ll be working for, you will be located in Haren or Ruisbroek. That’s the outskirts of Brussels. Both are easily accessible by car or train


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