Zetes wins  contract to supply equipment and specialised services for :

  • the biometric and biographic enrolment of civil servants ;
  • the centralisation of data and deduplication ;
  • the production of secure cards.

Brussels – Bujumbura, 27 March 2008 – Commissioned by a consortium comprising of Belgian Technical Cooperation (CTB) and SOFOS Consultants, an international consultancy, Zetes has been selected to supply biometric enrolment and card production systems to identify the country’s approximately 58,000 civil servants. Zetes and its local partner, NSI, will be responsible for supplying the equipment, providing the technical training for the personnel and for maintenance, under the supervision of the CTB/SOFOS Grouping who will coordinate all of the activities in the run up to the project, the deployment of the teams and the enrolment of the civil servants in the field. This project, which should allow the authorities to efficiently manage the data relating to State employees, is being financed by the World Bank.

The beneficiary of this project is the PAGE (Projet d’Appui à la Gestion Economique/Economic Management Support Project), representing the Burundi Government, whose aim is to improve the transparency and management of public finances. In order to achieve this aim, one of the PAGE’s missions is to acquire tools that will pave the way for efficient administrative management. The solution proposed by Zetes meets precise requirements with regards to efficiency and perfectly meets the expectations expressed by both the PAGE and by the CTB/SOFOS Grouping.

Alain Wirtz, the group’s CEO, states : « For Zetes, this project makes it possible to roll out a broad spectrum of its know-how in the field of People ID : enrolment, centralisation, deduplication and card production. A fine demonstration of the group’s capacities to manage person identification projects in cooperation with a strategic partner, CTB-SOFOS, and thus together gain the trust of the Burundi authorities and rouse the interest of neighbouring countries.». 

Responsible for all the project phases, the identification specialist will therefore gather the biometric data (photos and fingerprints) as well as the biographic data of Burundi’s civil servants, centralise all the data and eliminate the duplicates (thanks to the AFIS technology). The creation of a production and personalisation centre for the cards will make it possible to provide all civil servants with secure cards which include a photo and fingerprint data on 2-dimensional bar codes.

Burundi is the 4th African country where Zetes carries out a biometric enrolment project.

* Strategic contract without major impact on revenues for 2008





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