• Secure biometry-based census solution for unequivocal identification
  • Delivery of 80 mobile kits to be used throughout the country to all Congolese National Police (PNC) members

Brussels, 27 August 2009 - Zetes (Euronext Brussels: ZTS), the international leader in the solutions and services industry for automatic identification of goods and people, announces the signing of a contract with the IOM (International Organisation for Migration) for the registration of the staff of the PNC (the Congolese National Police).

This project for the Congolese National Police, funded by the European Union and coordinated by the IOM, has the aim of providing a full, accurate, secure census of the police force in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in order to provide more efficient human resources management.

The IOM has called on Zetes to deliver 80 biometric kits, which will be used to register the police throughout the country. These kits will store a certain number of personal details, such as the biographical information, fingerprints, and photograph of each individual. The information will then be centralised in Kinshasa and coupled up with a form, completed in advance, for each police officer, containing personal, family, and career information. Zetes will also deliver the application for centralised entry of the data on the forms and for establishing a link between this information and a database of the forms and certificates. Then the biographical and biometric information will be coupled up with the digitized documents. In addition, Zetes has been asked to train the operators and provide technical assistance. This project will contribute to the objectives announced for 2009 for the Group.

“As the PNC were concerned about managing staff numbers efficiently, especially in terms of knowing how many people were on duty, allocating salaries, etc, we were looking for a reliable solution which would identify every police officer individually. The Zetes proposal, based on the use of easily portable biometric kits, was the perfect answer to our needs”, says Eugène François, the IOM project manager.

Alain Wirtz, the Zetes CEO, continues, “Fingerprint recognition is the best way of identifying an individual unequivocally. This technique is therefore being used more and more frequently to counter identity theft. For countries and institutions with a care for good governance but sometimes lacking a reliable database, tools such as those offered by Zetes have become indispensable. We are very pleased that the IOM has placed its trust in us for this project, which will be our fourth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”

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