Harmonisation at European level

In December 2006, the European Parliament and the Council adopted a Directive relating to driving licences. It sets out, first and foremost, to improve road safety and, in particular, to introduce the production of a uniform document in all Member States. It will replace the 110 models currently in circulation within the Union.

Directive 2006/126/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council proposes to:

  •  improve the free circulation and freedom of establishment of European citizens while guaranteeing and facilitating the mutual recognition of all licences
  • limit the possibilities of fraud
  • improve road safety.

Security and service continuity

To comply with this directive, the Belgian FPS for Mobility and Transport has drawn up detailed specifications while making extremely stringent demands in terms of security, the level of services provided and the continuity of these services

At the end of the selection procedure, Zetes was entrusted with the production of the documents in polycarbonate and the personalisation of the Belgian driving licence.   These processes are carried out on the Group’s top security sites.  

Furthermore, Zetes has set up its own secure logistical service to handle the delivery of the documents to the different communes across the country.

The Zetes solution also guarantees:

  • Ultra fast delivery: the communes receive the licences within 2 days of the submission of an application
  • Almost immediate proof of delivery: the data are transmitted within 15 minutes of the arrival of the driving licences in the communes.
  • A “disaster recovery plan”: in the event of failure of the main production site, a back-up site in Belgium will be ready to take over in less than 24 hours. 

A secure web application has also been set up to liaise with the FPS Mobility and Transport in order to check at all times the status of production, the volumes issued, etc.

The first licences were delivered in February 2013 and around 800,000 documents will be produced, personalised and distributed every year.

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