With its mobile and fixed enrolment solutions, Zetes already registered over 80 000 000 people around the globe : citizens, travellers, civil servants, residents, voters, or other. Specifically designed to meet the needs of governments and public institutions, our enrolment solutions include all hardware, software, and services. We provide a turnkey approach that includes consultancy, project management, development, deployment, training and support - needed to reliably collect biographic and biometric data.


Mobile enrolment kits

A mobile solution for live enrolment/registration of citizens, civil servants, students, voters or any other target group. The mobile enrolment kits are battery operated and are suitable for even the harshest of environments, when infrastructure is lacking. The enrolment kit includes both the hardware - portable PC, digital camera, digital signature tablet, fingerprint scanner, printer, CDs/DVDs, etc. - and the specialist software needed to collect biographic and biometric information in real time, anywhere and everywhere. The collected data is used to issue a variety of secure identity documents or travel documents and to create central registers.

Fixed enrolment stations

Fixed enrolment stations are geared towards more stable environments: embassies, consulates, registration offices, airports, etc. The station is designed and manufactured by Zetes. It brings together all three necessary components for “live enrolment” during the production of official identity documents. It is an all-in-one solution for registration and capture of personal data, including ICAO-compliant portrait photographs and signatures, fingerprints or other biometric modalities, such as iris and/or face.

Its main features are:

  • Robust design
  • Highly ergonomic
  • Easy installation and commissioning 
  • Simple maintenance

Online (pre-)registration & payment


Zetes provides customized web-based solutions for pre-registration, registration and payment. Applicants are offered the option to do the first part of the registration process online from their home or office, perform the payment in advance, and schedule an appointment at the biometric registration office of their choice. This reduces the time the applicant has to spend at the biometric registration office. For the operator the advantage is a reduction of the number of biometric registration stations.

Typical scenarios are:

Travel visa : online pre-registration and (optional) online payment, approval to travel to the country of destination and biometric registration upon arrival at the airport

Passport or ID card: online pre-registration and (optional) online payment, schedule appointment in local registration office, biometric registration and card or passport issuance in local registration office

Zetes offers an integrated solution which integrates smoothly with the enrolment solutions on-site. When applicants present themselves in one of the enrolment offices, the only operation that still needs to be executed is the verification of the pre-registered information, the registration of the biometric information and the signature.




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