Facilitating the life of both operators and petitioners

Visa issuing requires national authorities to find a solution that is easy to deploy in many embassies and consular posts around the world and, from these far flung points of enrolment, collect information to create a centralized database.

Easy to install, integrating biographic, photographic, biometric registration and the digital signature in a single device, Zetes’ fixed stations offer a perfect solution for visa issuing. Optimised ergonomics for both citizens and operators in charge of the registration makes staff train easy.

In order to avoid unnecessary travel and possible queues at an enrolment centre for the petitioner, as well as to unburden staff from embassies and consular posts, Zetes can also deliver a solution for online application and prepayment. This preliminary step makes it possible for homeland security to make an initial demand analysis and to approve or reject it. In case of a positive response, the petitioner can obtain the definitive visa, registering the individual’s biometric data at an embassy or directly at arrival in the destination country. Based on the fingerprint, facial or iris information, the operator will be able to complete an ABIS check with the central database in order to ensure the petitioner is not travelling under a false identity.

To date, Zetes has equipped and still maintains 192 enrolment centers in 142 cities across 97 countries.

Efficiently addressing visa outsourcing needs

Additionally, there is a growing demand for visa outsourcing solutions. As visa issuing is an increasingly technical process, which requires both human resources and a complex IT infrastructure, a growing number of diplomatic missions are investigating ways to improve the efficiency of their services. They want staff to focus on their core task: deciding whether or not the person applying for a visa can be granted one.

In order to do this, they need a partner who can provide both physical locations (Visa Acquisition Centers) in a large number of countries as well as a strong technical solution, capable of handling and de-duplicating biometric data. In order to respond to this growing demand, Zetes has created the right partnerships, involving the necessary experience to set up and manage VAC’s all around the globe.


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