Highly secure documents contribute to safer roads

The issuance of forgery-proof driving licences generally goes hand in hand with the will of a country’s government to increase road safety. People using counterfeit driving documents are likely to have poor driving standards and a high accident rate. They are also more likely to drive an uninsured vehicle.

In addition to compromising road safety and lost taxation revenue, forged driving licenses can also be used as a proof of identity and to procure other documents in countries where a national ID is not mandatory.

Relying on its many years experience in the production and personalisation of PVC and polycarbonate cards, Zetes is perfectly positioned to deliver highly secured documents. Our solution will also allow governments to accurately control if the document presented by the driver is an original one, issued by the state.

High-end secure ID cards integrate a wide range of overt and covert security elements that enable laymen and professionals to quickly and accurately authenticate cards. Polycarbonate cards usually hold 3 levels of security, allowing each stage of the documentation production process to be tightly controlled.

As the producer of Belgium’s driving licence, Zetes is acquainted with the requirements of the European directive, introduced in 2006 as a means of ensuring greater freedom of movement to EU drivers, reinforcing road safety and helping to reduce fraud.

Zetes' in house Graphic Design department also has the accumulated knowledge and tools to design the driving license according to each customer’s specific requirements.




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