The enormous increase in travel during recent decades, resulting from the improvement and wider availability of transportation, creates a real challenge for governments all over the world.

With tourists, business travelers, migrants, political and climate change refugees, plus terrorist threats, border control management has political, economic, humanitarian, and security issues to address all at once. The ability to correctly identify every person crossing its territory is therefore strategically important for every country in the world.

Meeting the strictest international requirements

Efficient management of traveler flows at borders depends on several factors:

  • Issuing secure passports that satisfy the strictest international standards (ICAO, etc.), guaranteeing citizens optimum fraud protection and offering other countries a guarantee of maximum protection against counterfeiting.
  • Fast and decentralized issuing of biometric visas under the appropriate conditions according to the applicant’s status.
  • The ability to quickly and efficiently check the identity of travelers crossing borders, including the ability to manage and exchange the digital certificates required to authenticate and to validate electronic travel documents worldwide.


Schéma travel

Technology at the service of security

ZetesOrbis proposes a solution for each and everyone of these challenges, relying on the latest technological innovations as well as proven solutions and processes. Technological choices are made trying to find the best match between the customer requirements and the most advanced security features.

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