Brussels, 22 November 2013 - Zetes has officially received confirmation that the Federal Public Service for Mobility and Transport has chosen it to produce, personalise and distribute the new Belgian driving licence. This document will comply with the requirements from the European directive and benefit from the highest standards of security and service continuity.

Around 800,000 documents will be produced, personalised and distributed each year.  This new contract covers a period of 5 years and the first licences will be issued as of February 2013.

Priority to the security and service continuity

The requirements of the FPS for Mobility & Transport in the areas of security and service continuity were extremely stringen. "Our experience in ensuring the security of sites involved in identity document production and service continuity, whether in Belgium, Israel or the Côte d’Ivoire, has prepared us well for this project," says Ronny Depoortere, Zetes’ Senior VP of Zetes PASS Division (Personal Authentication & Security Services). Zetes also holds ISO 27001 certification for the management of IT system security. The company will produce the polycarbonate cards to be customised in-house.

In terms of quality and service continuity, Zetes guarantees:

  • Super-fast delivery: reception at the municipal administrations within 48 hours of submission of an application;
  • Almost immediate proof of delivery: data transmitted within 15 minutes after receipt of the driving licences by the local authorities;
  • "Disaster recovery Plan": in the event of failure of the main production site, a secondary site in Belgium will be ready to take over in less than 24 hours.

The Zetes offering also includes setting up a secure web application linked up to the FPS for Mobility & Transport enabling the latter to monitor at all times the production status, the volumes issued, ...

The contribution from the Zetes Goods ID division

The proof of delivery solution to each city and town administration, including features such as scheduling and geolocalisation, has been entirely developed by the Zetes Goods ID division. This input clearly shows the complementary nature of the Group’s two branches.

Zetes CEO Alain Wirtz comments: "The combination of expertise in the identification of goods and property is totally unique to Zetes and allows us to provide genuine added value to our customers in the form of integrated, practical and often innovative solutions."

Zetes’ position strengthened on its domestic market

This decision confirms the central role played by Zetes in the field of secure documents. Along with driving licences, the company is also very active in the area of electronic identity cards (Belgium, Israel, Portugal), as well as biometric passports and visas (Côte d’Ivoire).

"We are obviously delighted to have won this tender, which recognises the efforts made by our multidisciplinary teams. Zetes has already completed numerous projects on behalf of the Belgian government, including the eID, the SIS health card, etc.. We feel a great deal of satisfaction from this renewed trust in our teams," explains Zetes CEO Alain Wirtz. "This driving licence expands our portfolio of strategic offerings of the Group in the field of People ID. This project is also aimed at increasing our long-term contracts portfolio."

The driving licence project, which is worth € 16 million (including VAT) over 5 years, is set to contribute to the Group's results as from 2013.

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