• Decision by the Belgian Government to put the kids-ID into general use.
  • Card providing a high degree of protection for children
  • Enhanced card security based on proven eID technology

Brussels, 25 March 2009 – Zetes Industries, the pan-European specialist in value-added solutions and services in the sector of automatic identification of goods and people, has been called on by the Federal Public Service Interior to launch production of the kids-ID.  The kids-ID is a fully secure identity card for the under-twelves.  From now on it will replace the white coloured card required for children under the age of 12 travelling abroad.

The decision to make the card generally available was announced on 20th March 2009 by the Minister of Interior, Guido De Padt.  It follows a successful pilot project in Bornem, Koekelberg, Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Ostend, Liège, and Houthalen-Helchteren.

Much more than just an identity card

The kids-ID incorporates a number of functions which provide parents with greater protection for their children.  The Fedict (Federal Department of Information and Communication Technology) has set up the “Hello parents” system, which implies that if there is a problem, a string of calls can be sent to 7 telephone numbers pre-defined by the parents.  If there is no response after all calls have been made, the call is automatically transferred to CHILD FOCUS.

The kids-ID also offers greater protection on the Internet, as its electronic chip enables children to identify themselves in chat rooms reserved for them.

This new card can also be used for the library and the swimming pool, for registering at school, and as a membership card in sports clubs.

Based on tried and tested eID technology, the kids-ID is better protected against counterfeiting.  In addition, as the address is incorporated in the chip, it can be easily changed and thus one no longer needs  to get a new card when moving house.

This project, following the earlier concluded contract between the Belgian Government and Zetes for the production of Belgian electronic identity cards, is being run by the General Directorate Institutions and Population  of the FPS Interior.  Kids-ID potentially involves 1.5 million children in Belgium.  Parents who wish to obtain the card for their children must apply to their local authority.

The kids-ID project will have no impact on the financial guidance of the Zetes Group for 2009.

Alain Wirtz, the CEO of the Zetes group, comments: “Belgium is a pioneer in the field of population identification.  Following on from the eID and the electronic card for foreigners, we are very pleased to be associated with this new project.  The electronic identity card for the 0 – 12 year-olds, although not obligatory, offers many advantages to parents caring about their children’s safety.

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