Brussels - 5 May 2014 – After winning the tender launched by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (SPF) in August 2013, Zetes announces it is beginning the process of personalising the new Belgian electronic passports. The project launch was inaugurated today at the Group’s high-security production and personalisation site, by a visit from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and European Affairs, Didier Reynders.

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A single watchword: Security

Zetes brings over 10 years of experience in secure document production to the Belgian electronic passport project. Most significantly, the Group has been awarded ISO 27001 certification. Handling of information about the country’s citizens requires the highest levels of protection and this standard is the only one that is internationally recognised for defining the security prerequisites for implementing an Information Security Management System. Over 500,000 biometric passports will be personalised each year, using books supplied by Gemalto, a world leader in digital security. 

Zetes is also responsible for distributing passports to government authorities. By incorporating this final link in the chain, Zetes will be making the entire process more watertight and further reducing the risk of theft or fraud.

Particular emphasis has been placed on photo quality in the new passport, because this is the aspect 80% of counterfeiters focus their attentions on. As a result, the photo will be reproduced in multiple places throughout the document using different kinds of technologies, making counterfeiting impossible / unviable. 

Furthermore, the Group will establish a disaster recovery site in Belgium which can take over production in less than 24 hours should a problem arise at the main production site. In addition to ISO 27001, Zetes also has the following ISO certifications, reinforcing its position as a reliable partner:

  • ISO 9001: defines the criteria for a quality management system. 
  • ISO 14001: defines the criteria for implementing an environmental management system so that the impact on the environment of industrial activity can be measured.

Alain Wirtz, CEO of Zetes, says, "Producing identity documents for our fellow citizens is always a great honour for Zetes and we do our utmost to ensure the strictest quality and security standards are maintained. Everyone expects their personal data to be managed and handled with the greatest protection possible, and rightly so. That’s why we’re constantly investing in new technologies, our infrastructure and the latest, advanced certifications."

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