Brussels, 29 June 2018 - In publishing the white paper "At the Heart of the Population Register: Challenges, analysis and approach", Zetes tackles one of the burning issues in Africa today. A population register forms the cornerstone of any efficient national identification and administration system, but almost every country on the African continent is still without one. This deficiency is chiefly due to a lack of understanding of the population register, an ecosystem that is often perceived as being extremely complex, rather than the absence of tools and/or resources.

That is why in producing this white paper, Zetes not only explains the potential such tools can offer, but also introduces the technological choices available to governments that decide to implement a population register. The white paper also talks about the structural and legal adjustments to be planned in order to convert an ambitious project into a success.

Extase Akpotsui, Solutions Architect at Zetes and author of the white paper, explains: "The advantages to States of having a population register are no longer questionable, but many African countries are still hesitant, because implementing this type of system seems like such a daunting and expensive task. This white paper aims to demystify the population register so that more governments will carry out concrete actions that will ultimately enable them to set up better management tools that will facilitate the daily lives of their citizens. With this document, we hope to persuade governments to take the plunge, by giving them a set of best practices to guide their implementation."

This white paper was first distributed as a preview at the annual ID4Africa meeting, and is now available online via the Zetes website.

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