Zetes, as technical provider of Gemalto, is in charge of providing

  • the enrolment solution, the training and the organisation of the technical assistance
  • 45 fixed stations and 85 mobile stations making it possible to enrol social insurees

Brussels, 6 May 2009 - Zetes, one of the leaders on the international market of solutions for the automatic identification of goods and people, announces that it has been awarded a contract for the enrolment of social insurees in Gabon, as technical provider for the electronic health programme piloted by Gemalto, the manager of this project. This programme will also be implemented in collaboration with Stimplus, French supplier of hardware and ICT services.

Wishing to ensure a proper management of its database, the National Health Insurance and Social Security Fund of Gabon contracted with Gemalto, world leader in digital security, to serve as project manager for this national programme. The health card, containing essential information about the social insurees, will make it possible to determine who is entitled to what forms of care and drugs and in what quantity.

Zetes is participating in this project to furnish a solution for enrolling the beneficiaries. After having completed a form provided with a unique identifier bar code, the insurees must have themselves enrolled with an operator delegated by the Caisse d´Assurance Maladie et de Garantie Sociale (CNAM GS - Health Insurance and Social Security Fund), which will record the basic information (last name, first name, address and sex) concerning the individual, then take fingerprints and a photo. These data will then be transferred to a processing centre for updating the social insurees database. The number of people to be enrolled is estimated at around one million.

In addition to the delivery of the registration kits, including the census application, Zetes is also in charge of supplying the forms, establishing the technical assistance and training the trainers. The latter will in turn train the operators of the CNAM GS.

The pilot phase of the project, for which Zetes has provided a first lot of fixed enrolment stations,  started end 2008 and ran until the end  of the first quarter . A second lot of fixed stations, for a total of 45, will be delivered during the 2nd quarter. During the 3rd quarter of 2009, the identification specialist will also provide 85 mobile enrolment stations.

Alain Wirtz, CEO of Zetes : « This project in Gabon once again illustrates the continuity of our cooperation with the Gemalto Group. Gabon is a new African country we are entering with our people identification solutions. We are delighted to have succeeded, in the space of just a few years, in gaining the confidence of a number of important players in Africa. We hope to be able to continue along this path and to strengthen our strategic relationships on this continent. »





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