A strong authentication has to rely on an integrated robust ID verification solution: border control, onlineauthentication, voter verification, driving license check, entitlement checks for social security or healthcare. In each of these cases, the identity of the document holder needs to be established and validated. Zetes provides a range of control solutions, allowing to perform identity checks on several types of documents and/or by the use of biometrics. As the use of fingerprint, facial and iris recognition increases, it also becomes easier to realize identity controls with more accuracy.

eGate for automatic border control

As far as border controls are concerned, Zetes provides the immigration authorities with a powerful integrated system to control efficiently incoming and outgoing passenger flows.

In recent years, Zetes has developed an eGate, which allows to perform identity checks automatically, comparing biometric information captured on the spot with those encoded into the passport's RFID chip or verifying them against an existing database. The implementation of biometry and ABIS allow the detection of fraudulent individuals attempting to present themselves under a false identity.

Uma solução portátil para utilização flexível em contexto de mobilidade

A ZETES VERIFY é uma solução baseada na utilização de um terminal portátil e permite a verificação da identidade de forma rápida e fiável. É eficiente em termos de custo e adequada a situações em que a verificação de identidade tem de decorrer em vários locais no terreno.

Permite ler e controlar os dados biométricos codificados num chip, num código de barras ou a informação contida numa zona de leitura ótica (MRZ) num cartão, passaporte ou vinheta de visto.




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