The design, production and personalisation of secure ID documents requires strong knowledge of the industry, IT resources, cryptographic knowledge, and integration experience. Zetes has a broad expertise and a complete set of solutions and services that enable the production of high-quality, secure ID documents under strict deadlines. It has already produced more than 30 000 000 government documents worldwide.


Documents, such as eID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, health cards, etc. are custom designed based on their purpose and legal requirements. The production process takes place in a highly secure environment: a Zetes-owned plant, certified with the highest NATO clearance. Zetes provides all materials and ensures the latest anti-fraud features are built into the documents.


A Zetes oferece aos emissores de documentos de identificação seguros algoritmos criptográficos avançados e comprovados, bem como componentes para a encriptação de dados, combinando vários conjuntos de dados. Fornecemos e produzimos documentos com o mais elevado nível de segurança, incluindo cartões de identificação nacionais, passaportes, cartas de condução, cartões de saúde, vistos, cartões de eleitor, etc.


This solution allows authorities to manage a wide variety of ID card sets - with biometric data and smart chips enabling encryption, if needed, and all the necessary secure physical elements - from multiple locations, and throughout the entire production cycle: personal data registration, submission and validation, document production, personalisation and delivery.

ISO 27001, 14001 AND 9001 CERTIFICATIONS

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To ensure the delivery of top quality product and services to government and public authorities, Zetes’ has ensured the certification of its main production and personalisation plant. The other plants are run based on the same procedures.

While the ISO 9001 ensures overall delivered quality, the ISO 27001 certification specifically focuses on the security prerequisites for the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS). Zetes became one of the first businesses in its sector to be awarded that certification for the production and personalisation of eID and eTravel documents. The processing of citizen-related data calls for a very advanced level of protection and, hence, for secure data management systems. With the ISO 14001 certification, Zetes has introduced an environmental management system which makes it possible to monitor and limit the impact of its industrial activity on the environment.

Zetes has provided secure document production and personalisation solutions to the governments of Belgium, Portugal, Israel, the Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and The Gambia.


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