Cutting-edge solutions at the service of governments

Zetes provides highly secure solutions that meet the basic needs of governments:

  • to control their borders
  • to identify their citizens and guarantee their rights
  • to protect them against identity theft.

From enrolment to document production

Authentication is a complex process, which requires the implementation of advanced technologies such as biometrics, smart e-documents, and cryptography. It also requires expertise in data and infrastructure security as well as knowledge of the best materials and techniques to fight against counterfeiting. Zetes combines all this expertise and provides comprehensive and efficient solutions, from enrolment to the production of e-documents and control.

Highly secure identity and travel documents

The Zetes offering includes:

  • electronic ID cards
  • biometric ePassports
  • driving licences
  • voting cards
  • healthcare cards
  • biometric visa

At the heart of the population register

Challenge, analysis, and approach. 44 pages

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