Contactless technologies to smooth the flow of travellers


The queues that form at checkpoints, whether at air, land, or sea borders, constitute a central node of any border management system. They can even deter many travellers. To address this huge challenge, we offer border control authorities imperceptible identification systems such as automated facial recognition. This can alleviate the standard checks. It can be integrated into an eGate or even into cameras installed at strategic locations to check travellers as they walk towards the crossing point. This contactless or on-the-go checking method prevents queues from forming and reinforces the overall level of security. These technologies also help to reduce physical contact, which is best avoided during a health crisis.

These systems can be supplemented by self-service traveller registration kiosks.

Our integrated, custom solutions allow control authorities to modernise their border crossings. The hardware, software, and associated services, combined with our extensive know-how and experience in the field will ensure optimum traveller flow and faultless security.


Performing mobile border controls

Zetes’ border management solution is also suited for use in sea ports, where more flexibility is required. Mobile kits comprising a passport reader and a laptop or tablet allow to perform the identity checks in the ship, before the travellers even go on land.


 Zetes' Cabo Verde Border Controls  The quest for better border control



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