To enable the Republic of Burundi to effectively manage its military personnel, Zetes is introducing a solution for:

  • the biometric and biographical enrolment of soldiers
  • the centralisation of data and elimination of duplicates
  • the production of secure identification cards.

Brussels (Belgium) - Bujumbura (Burundi), 4 march 2009 - Zetes, European specialist in solutions for the automatic identification of goods and people, announces the signing of a new contract with the consortium composed of the Belgian Technical Cooperation and the French firm SOFOS Consultants bearing on a census of the Burundian military. This project was concluded in the aftermath of the civil servants census project.

The solution contributed by Zetes will make it possible to create a new database incorporating the main biometric and biographical information of the military personnel, which will help to achieve a better human resources management. The solution will be immediately implemented within the administrative services of the Defence Ministry and the Army.

This large-scale operation throughout the national territory targets a population of around 28,000 personnel in service within the Ministry of National Defence and Former Combatants, primarily the General Staff, and the National Defence Forces deployed in the field.

The project is also being closely monitored by the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

The BTC/SOFOS Consortium, its methodology, the equipment and technical partner ZETES (supported in the field by the NSI company) are the same as those used within the framework of the civil servants census project which was carried out from the end of May to the beginning of July 2008.

This approach makes it possible to capitalise on the initial investment incurred for the civil servants.

The census operation will begin in March 2009 and continue for a period of 3 to 4 weeks. At the conclusion of the enrolment processes, each member of the military will receive a biometric identification card bearing photo, fingerprints, etc.

Zetes CEO Alain Wirtz says : «We are delighted that the BTC/SOFOS Consortium has once again chosen us as partner for this second project in Burundi. There are increasingly frequent demands for census and biometric identification of civil servants, military personnel and so on. The solutions we propose allow Governments to create reliable databases, which is essential for improved human resources management. »

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