• A total all-inclusive solution: registration, centralisation, checking of biometric data (AFIS system), electoral rolls
  • Sovereign State of Togo chooses security and efficiency
  • Confirmation of Zetes’ unique expertise in biometric enrolment, already demonstrated in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Brussels, 22nd March 2007 – Organised and supervised by the Independent National Electoral Commission (the INEC, chaired by Mr Tozim PotoPere), the Togolese legislative elections are due to be held at the end of June 2007.

First and within a short period of time, a national enrolment of voting citizens (numbering approximately 3 million) will be carried out with a view to creating a new electoral register, complying with international criteria, with the inclusion of biometric data (photographs and fingerprints).

For this electoral census, the INEC has concluded a contract with its Congolese counterpart, the CEI (Independent Electoral Commission), relating to the loan of approximately 3,000 biometric kits (designed and delivered by Zetes) already used for the voters’ enrolment in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

But the Togolese government and the INEC were also keen to secure the assistance of the technical operator that contributed to the complete success - and still unique biometric registration project to date in terms of scale (26 million voters registered) - of the enrolment process in the Congo, that is to say Zetes (Euronext Brussels: ZTS).

Global operator

The contract, valued at several million euro, concluded by Zetes with the Togolese authorities and the INEC provides for the supply of a total solution for:

  • the local registration of the historical, photographic and biometric data of the voting citizens and the immediate printing of their secure voter’s card,
  • centralised data consolidation, with back-up system, and the checking of biometric elements thanks to an AFIS system (Automated Fingerprint Identification System),
  • the production of the electoral rolls.

Other services will also be provided by Zetes as part of this total solution, such as: the technical control and software adaptation of the kits for setting up the registration processes, the delivery of additional equipment (generators, batteries, consumables, etc.), the organisation and training of around 6,000 operators and of the first and second-level technical assistance teams. 

For a risk-free solution

Using the services of Zetes was justified for reasons of speed and efficiency to enable us to meet the scheduled date, explained the Prime Minister, Yawovi Agboyibo. Adding that, thanks to the solutions, services and methods provided by Zetes, precautions have been taken to enable the voters to obtain their cards within a reasonable period.

A sovereign choice

‘Zetes has been selected as sole partner by the Togolese government and the INEC. As such, it will take every possible step to contribute to the success of this project, which is vital to and indispensable for the organisation of free and transparent elections desired by the sovereign State of Togo and its President, Faure Gnassinbé, honouring their commitments to the international community,’ comments Alain Wirtz, Zetes Group CEO.

‘Moreover, the Togolese choice provides confirmation of the validity and qualities of our biometric enrolment solutions. This will motivate us all the more to continue our efforts and investments to respond to the requests of a number of States and international organisations seeking similar population registration solutions.’

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