• Electronic voting solution simplifies the organization of elections, delivers faster results and prevents fraud
  • Supports flexible voting formats including voting with smartcard, printed ballot sheet, smart ballot box or via the internet
  • Solution complies with electoral prerequisites such as ‘confidential voting’ and ‘one person, one vote’

Brussels (Belgium), September 14, 2011 – Zetes (Euronext Brussels: ZTS) launches Secur-eVote, an electronic voting solution to help governments set-up elections faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost.   The solution, which is based on voting terminals, has been designed and developed entirely by Zetes and combines its competences in developing highly secured solutions for governments with extensive expertise in the implementation of auto-ID technologies.

Security & flexibility

Secur-eVote is designed to meet the highest security standards and complies with electoral principles such as ‘confidential voting’ and ‘one person, one vote’. To enforce this, voters receive a voting token (smartcard) which gives them the right to a single vote.

Actual votes can be stored securely on the smart cards themselves and registered in an intelligent ballot box (Secur-eVote with chip card). They can also be printed on a paper slip, to be inserted in a traditional wooden or plexyglass ballot box (Secur-eVote with printed ballot) or in an automated ballot box which registers votes (Secur-eVote with smart ballot box). For internet voting systems organised at public polling stations, the votes are transferred to a central system (Internet Secur-eVote).

The system is highly secure because only tokens and ballots assigned to a specific voting terminal are accepted by that terminal.  This means bringing fake tokens or ballots would have no effect on the rigour with which an election is conducted.  
In addition, each vote is also encrypted, ensuring no one can retrieve the voter’s intention.

Key features

  • simple design, easy-to-use interface
  • input of voting intention through: 17” touchscreen, stylus or function buttons
  • includes a card reader and a printer
  • handy docking station allows voting terminals to be converted into an intelligent ballot box
  • audio warning in case of unusual occurrences (false token, person trying to vote twice, etc.)
  • easy connection, limited power cables
  • suits all voting scenarios, ranging from national elections to private sector voting

Alain Wirtz, CEO of Zetes said: “Secur-eVote is a very good example of how Zetes’ activities in People ID and Goods ID complement one another. Based on our experience with sensitive e-government projects, such as the production of eID cards in Belgium, Portugal and Israel, the enrolment of voters in the Democratic Republic of Congo or even the production of biometric passports in Côte d’Ivoire, we are used to developing solutions that meet the strictest security standards. Secur-eVote further integrates our smartcard, barcode and printing capabilities. Hardware and software have been designed and produced in-house, leveraging Zetes’ strong skills and competencies in these fields, for example, with Print&Apply, truck mount terminals and software design for many industrial applications.”

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