Zetes makes an ongoing investment in innovation to enable governments to be at the forefront of authentication. The People ID division also takes advantage of research done by the other division of the group, specialised in the optimisation of the supply chain. This complementary approach enables the design and production of extremely robust hardware solutions and optimal traceability for document transportation.

Zetes has chalked up a number of innovative achievements, including:

  • First large-scale deployment of the electronic ID card in Belgium in 2005;
  • World première with the successful biometric enrolment of over 26 million Congolese voters in 2006;
  • Ivorian biometric e-passport since 2008. At the time, world’s most secure passport incorporating live biographical and biometric recording. To date, very few ICAO-compliant e-documents achieve this level of protection;
  • Gambian e-passport with simultaneous integration of biometric information (iris) and fingerprints in 2013.











At the heart of the population register

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